The Best Hotels with Gaming Bedrooms Worldwide

The new trend for weekends and holidays

Gaming Hotels Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca

Soon we will be proud to present the first certified Gamers Hotels at the beautiful Costa Blanca. They are close to the sea and fulfill categories 4 and 5.

All Costa Blanca Gamers Hotels
Gaming Hotels Munich


Soon we will be proud to present the first certified Gamers Hotels in Munich, Germany. They are close to the inner city and fulfill categories 2 and 3.

All Munich Gamers Hotels
How to become a Gaming Hotel

How to become a
"Gamers Hotel"? supports every hotel owner to become a "Gamers Hotel" with our quality sign.
Five categories are available.
1. One room
2. High grade equipment
3. Two or more rooms
4. Wellness with pool
5. Tournement zone

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The Trend from Taiwan

Until we can show you our first "Gamers Hotel" partners, we link here to the latest development in Asia. This video is not in english, but gives you an idea, how the rooms could be arranged. The Hotels do not need this spacey interior.

eSports Arena Las Vegas

The eSports Arena in Las Vegas stands for the hype of gaming tournements. But every Hotel with a conference room can change to an eSports event location in a few hours.
Gamers from your town will love it! 

How to become a Gaming Hotel

The 7 Benefits of a
"Gamers Hotel"?

1. Attracting a new target group that has not been able to carry out their hobby in larger groups or on vacation.
2. Higher revenue per room by surcharge per night / person.
3. Increased awareness through the modern orientation.
4. Upgrading of middle and worse locations. Hotels in worse locations will be attractive and inferior rooms on noisy streets or elevators will increase booking rates.
5. More bookings by gamers from the direct surrounding who meet at the Gamers Hotel without making a trip.
6. The Gamers Hotel serves as an "eSports Arena" for eSports teams who log in regularly.
7. A "tournament zone" in a conference room will allow events, that can lead to a complete booking with high media affects and regional and international coverage over a weekend.

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